What Are Some Tips for Home Garden Pest Control?

What Are Some Tips for Home Garden Pest Control?

Tips for home garden pest control include removing weak plants, cleaning up garden debris, mixing plant types, repelling pests with plants or other insects, and building healthy soil. Damp, dark conditions, weak plants and garden debris attract pests that then attack the healthy plants in the garden. Making the home garden less appealing for pests helps keep them away with less need for chemical pesticides.

Weak or dying plants may already have pest damage and pulling them is an easy way to improve a garden's health. Disinfecting tools used to pull plants or clean the garden prevents the spread of pests and plant diseases.

Garden debris, such as old leaves and fruit, often harbor pests or insect larvae. The larvae can survive all winter only to infest the garden during the next growing season. Cleaning up the garden throughout the season and before winter helps get rid of the insects. Healthy soil top-dressed with compost through the growing season helps grow strong plants that resist pests.

Planting different types of plants together helps repel insects because pests typically attack a particular type of plant. Intermixed plants can confuse pests or limit the extent of damage they cause in the garden. Rotating crops each growing season helps prevent another infestation the following year.

Creating a damp, dark trap area with a board, broken pot or similar item attracts pests in the garden. This makes the insects easy to find in the morning so the gardener can pick them out of the garden and get rid of them.