What Are Some Tips for Home Drainage?


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Grade the property to determine water runoff prior to installing home drainage. Install rain gutters away from the home's foundation by piping them into a drain pipe or directing downspouts away from the house. Avoid landscape planting within two feet of the house and do not over water plants near patios, the foundation or fence walls. Test for breaches in water and sewer lines periodically to prevent leaks.

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Within the home, make sure that the drainage system's pitch allows water to flow easily without stagnation. A good rule of thumb to follow to ensure that water does not back up in the line is to install a drop of 1/2 inch per foot during pipe installation. Ensure that mounding or grade changes while adding landscaping or pool improvements conform to the home site's grading plans and direct surface water away from the house.

For home gardens, ensure that plants that require a lot of water are kept at least six feet away from the foundation to prevent water logging and leaks. If irrigation systems are installed, check these periodically to prevent leaks and excessive water. Keep the soil level around the house below or at the stucco line so water drains away from the building.

Install in-ground drainage systems for better yard drainage. Dig a trench for the drain tile, dig a hole deep enough to accommodate the overflow tube and dry well. Prepare and install the dry well and connect the drain tube.

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