What Are Some Tips for Hiring a Sunroof Installer?


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To hire a sun roof installer, find an installer who has a proven track record of experience doing this type of installation work. A good sun roof installer specializes in this type of auto body work and often works for a installation company that's been in business for more than two years. Seek out installers with factory training, because these experts typically have the most experience with sun roof installation.

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Customers should never assume all sun roof installers offer the same quality of workmanship, because installers may be experienced or inexperienced. The best way to avoid inexperienced sun roof installers is to ask questions before paying someone to do the job. Inexperienced installers are more likely to do this type of auto body work as a sideline. Expert sun roof installers are able to do a good job regardless if the sun roof is of high or low quality.

Sun roof installations turn out best when the customer chooses a high-quality brand of sun roof that is made with superior hinge and handle hardware and seals. Most quality sun roofs come with a lifetime warranty on parts, excluding the glass. Customers should choose a reputable sun roof installation company that stands by its lifetime warranties covering parts and installation work.

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