What Are Some Tips for Hauling Dirt?

What Are Some Tips for Hauling Dirt?

Some tips for hauling dirt include calculating the amount needed beforehand, double checking the vehicle's hauling capacity and organizing a few helping hands, suggests Today's Homeowner. During transport, it may be safer to stay off major roads.

Dirt and mulch are typically sold by the cubic yard. Before attempting to haul dirt, calculate the required amount in cubic yards. A cubic yard usually covers 100 square feet of space, leaving three inches of depth. Using a calculator can help determine the exact cubic yardage required to fill the space.

It is also important to ensure that the vehicle can actually haul the dirt. Although many pickup trucks can safely carry one or two cubic yards of dirt, it helps to double check the vehicle's carrying capacity before picking up the dirt.

Hauling dirt can be a lot of work. Before starting the project, organize a few friends to help. Although many supply yards load the material into the truck or trailer, customers must unload the dirt themselves. Having a few extra pairs of hands and a couple of wheelbarrows can help make the task manageable.

For the sake of safety, it is a good idea to stay off major roads and highways while hauling dirt. This is especially true if the vehicle is at or near its towing capacity. Drive slowly to avoid overworking the vehicle.