What Are Some Tips for Hanging Wall Decor and Accessories?


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Tips for hanging wall decor and accessories include planning ahead, arranging items in groups, remembering scale and keeping it level. For a formal look, keep items symmetrical and use straight edges; asymmetry and irregular edges create a casual look.

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What Are Some Tips for Hanging Wall Decor and Accessories?
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Planning ahead involves getting the proper wall anchors, nails, screws and hanging kits. The weight of each piece and the wall material determine the exact type of anchor. Paper and painter's tape help to lay out the decor and art before attaching everything to the wall.

A grouping generally looks better than single pieces. Grouping tips include using an odd number of pieces in each group and keep a balance between larger and smaller pieces. Mixing different styles and shapes works for an eclectic look, while choosing a grid pattern or using similar colors offers a more sophisticated feel.

Decorators should keep the scale of the room and the individual pieces in mind. For example, in a large room can best handle a large grouping on a single wall or a large piece over a sofa, while a smaller room works better with little pictures and tiny accessories. Scale is especially important when placing wall art over furniture, such as a side table, sideboard or bed.

Art should be level when hung. A laser or carpenter's level confirms that each piece is level to the floor and to the other pieces. If needed, pieces of double stick mounting tape can ensure nothing shifts.

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