What Are Some Tips for Hanging Clothes on a Drying Rack?


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The clothes should be as dry as possible before they're hung on a drying rack. The clothes' natural shape dictates the best way to hang them for fastest drying. Towels require special attention to prevent stiffness.

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Placing the washer on the highest extraction setting removes excess water from clothing. Delicate items can be rolled in an absorbent towel to soak up moisture. Shaking the fabric before hanging helps to remove extra water and wrinkles.

Shirts should be hung from the bottoms, using two clips, or on hangers. Hangers may allow shirts to be taken directly to the closet when dry. Jeans should be hung on multiple arms of the rack to encourage air circulation. Opening the tops of the jeans is advised. Depending upon the fabric, slacks may need the same treatment. Skirts can be hung with clips from the waist, with the bottoms of long ones draped over another arm of the rack. Dresses need to be clipped at the shoulders to one rack and at the bottom to another, with additional clips used if the skirt of the dress is very full.

Towels and washcloths become stiff when hung to dry. Shaking them as they dry can prevent this. Shake them again before folding.

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