What Are Some Tips for Hanging Balloon Curtains?


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To hang balloon curtains, look for the rings sewn into the back of the curtain and locate the split rings, as they are used to adjust the curtain. To find the horizontal rows of rings in the curtain, lay it flat on a table face-down. Examine the top edge of the back side of the curtain to find them.

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One split ring goes into each of the bottom row of sewn curtain rings. Begin attaching the split rings to the curtain rings until all of them have a ring. The split rings are easy to open and close by hand. The next process is to place the split rings onto the next ring above it until reaching the desired length. Move the rings one at a time until the balloon curtain is at the desired length.

While the rings help the balloon curtain’s length be adjusted once, it isn’t like a regular window shade that is adjusted repeatedly. The adjustment must be done before hanging the curtain. After the length has been adjusted, gather the curtain onto the desired curtain rod. The rod brackets should already be mounted to the wall. Place the rod into the brackets and arrange the balloon curtain until it is equal on both sides.

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