What Are Some Tips for Growing String Beans?


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When growing string beans, use succession planting to prolong the harvest, choose pole or bush beans depending on the available space, and mulch the plants to conserve water. Beans are available in both string and stringless varieties; the taste of both varieties is similar.

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Bush beans tend to produce the entire harvest within a few days. They require a soil temperature of approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit before planting. Succession planting, which involves waiting about two weeks between planting the seeds, helps to prolong the harvest and the amount of time the family can enjoy the fresh beans. Pole beans tend to have a longer production season, so they do not require the staggered planting schedule.

Pole beans grow on a trellis or other support, while bush beans are self-supporting. Bush bean plants grow to approximately 2 feet in diameter. Gardeners sometimes need to help pole beans climb the trellis by wrapping the ends of the plant around the support.

If the roots of the plants get too dry, beans stop flowering and production. Adding mulch around the base of the plants helps to conserve water and ensure the maximum crop. Beans require watering on a regular basis; however, gardeners should avoid nitrogen-rich fertilizers that encourage lush plants that produce fewer beans.

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