What Are Some Tips on Growing Strawberries?


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Weeding and lightly watering strawberries throughout the summer allows the plants to produce berries during the warmer fall months, and clipping all except three runners from each plant ensures more berries. To save space, strawberries are grown in hanging baskets or containers. Strawberries are grown in full sun, and standard potting soil is amended with compost or another fertilizer to boost growth.

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What Are Some Tips on Growing Strawberries?
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Gardeners should space the plants at least 8 inches apart. When growing strawberries in containers, gardeners should cut off all runners as they form to support fruit production. Strawberries grow well in damp soil. To facilitate proper soil conditions, gardeners place a layer of mulch or hay around the base of the plants, and water the roots, rather than the leaves, of the plant to prevent disease.

When growing strawberries in clay or other heavy soil, gardeners amend the soil with ample amounts of rotted sawdust, rotted leaves or another organic matter. When berry production slows, new crops are planted in fresh soil, or soil where strawberries have not previously been planted, to promote fruit production.

Gardeners should avoid growing strawberries in soil where eggplant, peppers or tomatoes have recently grown. An arch of wire fencing placed over young strawberry plants is used to support a frost cover. The wire is removed when the plants flower.

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