What Are Some Tips for Growing Small Holly Bushes?


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Grow a small holly bush by choosing a site with plenty of sunlight and deep soil, watering it regularly, and pruning it every year. Because holly bushes aren't self-pollinating, plant at least two holly bushes, a male and female, within a few feet of each other to ensure that the bright red berries develop.

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When choosing a location, make sure that it's not above any underground pipes or by buildings or sidewalks because holly bush roots grow deep and far and can damage any nearby structures. The bush also needs access to direct or partial sun. Use slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Before planting the bush, work several inches of organic matter into the soil, and loosen it. If planting more than one bush, place them at least 5 feet apart, and water them well immediately afterward.

Spread a 3-inch layer of shredded bark around the bush, and water it enough to keep the soil moist during the first year. Once the bush becomes established, it needs only 1 inch of water per week, most of which comes as rainfall. Only fertilize the plant if it doesn't grow well. Prune the holly once a year in the early spring after the last frost of the season.

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