What Are Some Tips for Growing a Ponytail Palm?


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Growing tips for a ponytail palm includes placing it in bright direct sunlight, planting it in well-drained soil and allowing it to get root bound between repotting periods. Fertilize the plant only a few times a year and reduce watering in the winter.

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Plant a ponytail palm in fast well-draining soil such as succulent or cactus potting mix. Half soil and half sand mixes also work well for planting. Only plant the ponytail outside in areas with dry winters that hover between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, bring the potted plant inside, and keep it in a cool location with indirect light. Water it only occasionally, and stop fertilizing it during this period.

Place the pot in a bright, sunny location starting in the spring, and fertilize it twice during its growing period. However, some experts suggest fertilizing it once or twice a month. Water the plant more often during the summer, especially if the leaves start to yellow.

Once the plant becomes root bound, meaning that the roots start poking through the pot's drainage holes, transplant it into a pot that is only a few inches wider, water it well, and stop fertilizing for a month to prevent burning the roots. Replant the ponytail palm every three or four years.

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