What Are Some Tips for Growing a Pineapple in Water?


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To root a pineapple in water, remove the leafy crown from the fruit, peel off the bottom leaves so an inch of stalk is bare, and let it dry for a few days. Put the shoot into water without the leaves touching the water and set it in a window.

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Select a pineapple that is gold on the outside rather than green, with leaves that are healthy, green and have no gray spots at the bases. Remove any fruit on the stalk to prevent rot from forming. The glass or jar of water should stay in a window that gets bright, indirect sunlight.

Roots form in about two weeks. Once the roots have formed, plant the crown in sandy soil with good drainage, and place in a sunny window. Remove dying leaves as needed. Water from the top, letting the plant dry out between waterings. After six to eight weeks when new leaves form, fertilize monthly with a liquid fertilizer.

One or more flower buds form after a year, then take another six to eight months to open. After that, a fruit starts to grow and is complete in another six months.

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