What Are Some Tips for Growing Peanut Plants?


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Peanut plant growing tips include planting them as soon after the last frost as possible, opting for cultivars that mature early and planting them in full-sun sites. Those living north of the equator can start longer-maturing peanut cultivars inside by planting peanuts under 1 inch of moist, well-drained soil in 4-inch deep plastic containers.

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Before planting a peanut plant, make sure that you live in an area with at least 100 frost-free days. Those in areas with fewer than 130 frost-free days should opt for the early Spanish cultivar, which only requires a maximum of 100 days for full maturation. Select a site that receives full sun, preferably with a southern exposure for maximum warmth. Prepare the planting area by tilling the soil and mixing it with organic material or sand to aid in drainage. Plant seeds or transplant seedlings to the prepared area.

After the plants reach 6 inches in height, loosen the soil again, and hill them. Add a 2-inch layer of straw mulch around the plants. Once the plant stalks yellow, dig up the plant using a gardening fork. The edible seeds or peanuts grow in the ground. Hang the plant indoors, and wait for a month for the legumes to dry.

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