What Are Some Tips for Growing a Peace Lily Plant?

To grow a peace lily, plant it in a spot with low light or shade, water it regularly, and fertilize the plant during the winter. This plant works well as a houseplant because of the mild temperature and constant conditions indoors.

First, plant a peace lily in a container using well-drained potting soil. Water the plant so that the soil remains moist, but not damp. Overwatering the plant can cause rot and other problems. Place the potted plant in an area with plenty of shade and indirect light.

Place an inside plant away from windows. If the leaves start to brown on the tips, it's receiving too much light. If it doesn't bloom, it's not receiving enough light. To get it to bloom, either give it more light exposure, or place it in a darker room for a while before moving it back to its original spot.

Feed the plant only a couple of times a year using a balanced fertilizer, or limit fertilization to the winter only. Repot a peace lily once a year or when it becomes root-bound, which is evident in constant drooping despite frequent watering. Choose a pot that is 2 inches larger, and use fresh potting soil. You can also divide the plant to keep it small.

Peace lilies thrive in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dramatic temperature fluctuations can damage them. Peace lilies should be fertilized in the spring and summer. Due to their sensitive nature, these plants usually respond best to organic formulas.