What Are Some Tips for Growing Orchids in Pots?

What Are Some Tips for Growing Orchids in Pots?

Some tips for growing orchids in pots include ensuring that the plants have lots of light, regulating the temperature, fertilizing regularly and watering the plants appropriately. It can also help to choose orchid varieties that thrive in local climate and light conditions, recommends BHG.com.

Choosing the right type of orchid for the environment can be helpful in growing plants successfully. Some varieties do better indoors than others, and some can tolerate less sunlight or lower temperatures. After choosing a variety of orchid, keep the temperature of the room regulated.

Placing the plant near a light source can help ensure healthy leaves and blossoms. Most varieties require six to eight hours per day of bright sunlight. Placing plants near windows with direct sunlight is ideal, but if lots of natural light is unavailable, grow lights or fluorescent tubes can also make effective light sources. Leaves can help determine whether the plant has sufficient light; the leaves should be a grassy green color with hints of yellow. Dark green colors indicate a lack of sunlight, while bleached or blackening leaves indicate too much light.

Most orchid varieties prefer at least 50 percent humidity, as they are tropical plants. If the humidity drops too low, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air, place pots on trays of water and pebbles or create a growing area out of clear plastic, suggests AOS.org.

Although orchids do not require lots of fertilizer, they still need nutrients to thrive. Lightly fertilize plants on a weekly basis or feed them with a stronger dose once a month.

Because most orchid plants are potted in mulch mix, they can be tricky to water. To ensure the plant gets enough water, place the pot in a bowl of water for up to 15 minutes. This gives it enough time to absorb the water it needs.