What Are Some Tips for Growing a Kentia Palm?


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When growing a Kentia Palm indoors, keep it in a place where the plant can get a lot of indirect sunlight, as direct light might burn the leaves of the plant. Make sure that the soil in the pot has proper drainage, and water the plant once the top layer of the ground dries up. Be careful not to water it too much, as the roots may start rotting.

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However, if the leaves of the plant start somewhat hanging down, increase the amount of water. The plant can also benefit from misting, as it keeps some pests away and washes the dust off the leaves. Treating the plant with some slow-release fertilizer in the summer and spring helps the plant to grow better as well. Try not to change the pot where the plant is growing, as it doesn't handle this type of change well.

When growing a Kentia Palm outdoors, water the plant the same way as you would indoors, and ensure adequate drainage as well. Plant the Kentia in shade to prevent sun damage. Never prune the Kentia, as it may damage the tree and expose it to pest infestation. Kentia Palms grow best in a tropical climate, so areas along the coast with mild weather are the best for growing this plant outside.

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