What Are Some Tips for Growing Indoor Potted Palm Plants?


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When growing indoor potted palm plants, start with a healthy plant, give it the proper amount of water, keep humidity levels within its required range, provide sufficient indirect light, and use fertilizer. Start with smaller and more compact palms, since they are generally healthier and less likely to succumb to deadly diseases or infestations.

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Even with a lot of care and attention, an unhealthy palm is unlikely to grow successfully. Spot an unhealthy palm by determining whether it has many dead leaves, smelly or soggy soil, a stretched and lanky appearance, and insects such as spider mites, which can infest and damage other household plants. Palms are tropical plants but should not be drowned in water, since excessive watering can cause root rot. Determine whether the palm needs water by inserting a finger 1 inch into the soil to see if it is dry. Empty the catch saucer under the planting pot regularly to prevent the roots from sitting in standing water.

Palm plants require a level of humidity not commonly found indoors, so place a humidifier next to the plant. To prevent insect infestations, have a small fan blow over the palm plants, or routinely place the plants outside.

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