What Are Some Tips for Growing House Plants in Low Light?


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To care for low-light plants, gardeners should first select plants with a tolerance for these conditions, and then select a location for them that does not receive too much light. North and east-facing windows are ideal, states Guide-to-Houseplants.com.

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An east-facing window provides direct sunlight for only a few hours in the morning, and north-facing windows receive low to medium light. The bright light of south and southwest windows can be too intense for low-light plants, but gardeners can move these plants 3 to 5 feet away from these windows for optimal lighting.

Many plants thrive in low-light conditions indoors, including cast-iron plants, Chinese evergreens and bird nest ferns. Other plants grow well in low lighting but may require more light to fully appreciate, such as the peace lily, which needs moderate light to bloom, and devil’s ivy, which loses some of the variegation on its leaves in lower lighting.

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