What Are Some Tips for Growing Herbs in Pots?

tips-growing-herbs-pots Credit: Juliette Wade/Photolibrary/Getty Images

High quality soil, a sunny location and the right types of herbs are needed to grow a successful container garden. The Royal Horticultural Society says to sow the seeds in early spring indoors, then place the seedlings in a sunny kitchen window or in a large container outdoors to produce fresh herbs.

Better Homes and Gardens advises gardeners to choose herbs that are suitable for a container garden. Some of the most common choices for container gardens includes sage, basil, chives and lavender. Read the instructions that come with the seeds before planting to determine whether the herb requires dry or moist soil, then plant herbs with the same requirements in a single container. For instance, sage and basil can be grown together in the same container.

A large, deep container allows root systems to develop properly, but smaller containers can be used to grow single herbs in a kitchen window. Clay containers with drainage holes retain moisture well, but do not hold excess water that can damage the plant's root system. Typically, herbs thrive in well-drained, slightly dry soil that has been mixed with compost. Herbs that are grown outside must be moved to a sunny location indoors during early autumn.

Herbs can be used frequently to promote healthy growth. University of Illinois Extension states that to use herbs from a container garden, pinch off the amount needed at the base of the leaf near the stem. If the herb appears damaged or is not producing, propagate a new plant by pinching off a leaf shoot, then dip the shoot in a rooting hormone. Replant the shoot in a suitable growing medium.