What Are Some Tips for Growing Grass?

What Are Some Tips for Growing Grass?

Tips for growing grass to produce a healthy lawn include preparing the soil prior to planting, watering weekly, feeding the grass and leaving the grass tall when mowing. Options for planting include using sod, which is expensive, or seeding. Hydroseeding gives a more even distribution of the seeds and produces a quick cover, although it does not produce a green lawn as quickly as sod.

Test the soil's pH before seeding, and amend it so it so the soil is at the ideal reading before planting any seed. If the pH is out of range, establishing the grass becomes more difficult. Remove all the weeds and their roots before planting the new lawn. Rototill the top 6 inches of soil, and level the ground before planting.

Initially, keep the new lawn moist continually. As the grass becomes established, spread the watering schedule to once per week. Provide enough water during the weekly watering to ensure the lawn does not experience stress before the next scheduled watering.

Feed the grass at the beginning and end of the growing season with a complete fertilizer that includes micronutrients. A third feeding during the middle of the growing season is optional.

Set the mower on the highest setting when cutting the grass, and mow weekly. Regular mowing ensures the taller lawn maintains a manicured look without stressing the plants. The taller grass provides shade for the ground to help reduce water loss.