What Are Some Tips for Growing Golden Euonymus?


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To grow golden euonymus shrubs, select well-drained planting sites that receive plenty of sunlight. While these plants do well in shade and partial sunlight, full sunlight produces the best display of colored foliage. Provide these plants with additional potassium, phosphorous and vitamin B1 in the form of a liquid suspension fertilizer.

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The Gold Spot variety of euonymus is a moderately growing woody shrub with many branches. These plants typically grow up to 6 feet in height and 5 feet wide and produce bright deep-green leaves with golden-yellow edges. They tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions but are vulnerable to drought. Moist nutrient-rich soils are ideal for golden euonymus. Supply additional fertilizer in the spring before new growth occurs. Other varieties of euonymus require less care.

After planting, water the shrubs frequently to ensure moist soil conditions until the root system is fully developed. Mature plants may require less frequent watering and often do well with available rainfall in wetter locations and moist climates. Water these plants during periods of extended heat and drought. Plant euonymus shrubs as landscaping accents, to create ground cover or to protect hillsides against soil erosion. These shrubs typically grow tall enough to function as hedges or foundation plants.

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