What Are Some Tips for Growing a Ficus Tree Indoors?


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To care for an indoor ficus tree, plant lovers should plant the tree in loamy soil, water weekly during the growing season and keep it in a location with plenty of sunlight. They should apply fertilizer to the tree during the growing season and prune it once a year.

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Ficus trees prefer well-draining soil, such as loam mixed with peat and sand. Owners should pot the tree in a large container that features drainage holes and repot the tree bi-annually. It's best to water ficus trees once weekly during the summer and less frequently during the winter. In hot, dry environments, misting the leaves lightly provides the tree with additional water, as watering the root system too frequently may lead to root rot or other diseases.

Placing the tree in an area with plenty of sun and rotating the plant regularly promotes even growth. During the growing season, it's a good idea to apply a diluted, all-purpose fertilizer to the tree every three to four weeks and check the plant for pests regularly. If desired, owners can place the tree outdoors in a partially shaded location during the growing season.

Ficus trees should be pruned in the spring or autumn to maintain the desired shape and to maintain a full canopy. To remove branches, owners should use sharp pruning shears and cut the branch directly above the leaf node.

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