What Are Some Tips for Growing Calla Lillies?


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One of the most important things in growing calla lilies is proper planting. Calla lilies grow best in loose, well-drained soil. The plants need to have access to a lot of sunlight, so they should be growing in full sun. However, calla lilies may tolerate partial shade if the climate is very warm. Gardeners usually plant calla lilies in the spring when they are certain the soil is warm enough, and that it's not going to freeze again.

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It is best to plant calla lilies about 4 inches deep in the ground and leave about 1 foot between plants. To achieve best results, gardeners need to water calla lilies generously; the soil should not dry out. Gardeners may want to place some mulch around the base of each plant to prevent water from escaping and to minimize the number of weeds growing next to the plant. In addition, it is helpful to fertilize the plants every month during the period of active growth.

Calla lilies usually become dormant for the winter, so gardeners need to decrease the amount of water for the plant once there are no more flowers left. If the plants grow in containers, gardeners need to store them in a dark area when the plants are dormant. Gardeners can start watering the plant as usual after two or three months of dormancy.

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