What Are Some Tips for Growing Bromeliads?


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Give your bromeliads the correct amount of light, make sure that they are kept between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and avoid overwatering them. Use well-draining potting soil made up of one part sand and two parts peat moss. Bromeliads can also grow on other plants, boards or logs.

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Because a bromeliad needs temperatures that range between 55 and 80 F, plant your bromeliad in a pot that you can take indoors during the winter. The pot needs to have drainage holes to keep the plant's roots from sitting in water. Light-colored plastic pots are preferable, as they hold moisture but do not conducting heat to the roots. When planting the bromeliad, place it deep enough that the soil reaches the lowest leaves to help stabilize the roots.

Water the plant well once the soil starts to feel dry. If you use a tank for watering, use tap, rain or distilled water. The amount of light that the plant needs depends on the species, ranging from shade to full sun. As a general rule, more those that require light and a hotter temperatures also require higher humidity and more water. The plants generally need 50 percent humidity, so mist it regularly or place the plant on a tray of wet rocks. Fertilize the bromeliad once per growing season with a diluted liquid fertilizer

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