What Are Some Tips for Growing a Bay Leaf Tree?


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Some tips for growing bay leaf trees include planting it in well-drained soil amended with organic matter and planting it either in a pot or outside depending on the climate. Bay leaf trees need to be planted in a pot in locations with hard freezes as they can't survive harsh winters. They also require a humid environment.

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Grow a bay leaf tree from a seedling as it takes half a year at least for bay seeds to germinate and even longer to become established. Plant the tree in a small pot because it thrives when root-bound. However, as a root-bound potted plant, it needs more frequent deep waterings. Allow the soil to dry out before watering it again to prevent root rot. If the leaves start to yellow and drop prematurely, increase the humidity or mist it with a water bottle.

Fertilize a potted plant twice a year in the spring and mid-summer with kelp or fish emulsion, and feed an outdoor plant only once a year. Regularly work in fresh organic matter into the top several inches of soil to refresh and enrich the plant as well as keep the soil well-drained. If the plant shows any signs of pest infestations, snip off the affected leaves.

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