What Are Some Tips to Grow Hens and Chicks Succulents?


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Growing tips for hens and chicks succulents are to keep them at 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, give them well-drained potting soil and remove the mother hen plant once it dies off. Otherwise, hens and chicks succulents need very little water and tolerate poor soils well.

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Plant hens and chicks from seed or seedlings, which are easily available at nurseries. To plant seedlings, use well-drained succulent or cactus potting soil that contains perlite or sand. If planting outdoors, choose a rocky location with poor soil. To grow the succulents from seeds, keep them in a warm location until they germinate, and spray them several times a week with a spray bottle. Mulch them with fine gravel to help keep them moist until they become established.

After the seeds germinate and become established, water the plants rarely, and never allow water to sit on the leaves to prevent rot. Keep the plants between 65 and 75 degrees for continual growth, but once the temperature gets hotter or colder, the plants go into dormancy.

Once the hen produces chicks or offshoots, pluck the chicks from the mother, and plant them elsewhere. When the chicks mature into hens, they grow flowers. Snip off the flower immediately. After several years, the hen plant dies and needs to removed.

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