What Are Some Tips for Grooming Topiary Plants?


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Some tips for grooming topiary plants including using the correct type of grooming tools, using templates to guide the grooming and making use of antibacterial spray. The tools that should be used to groom topiary plants are pruning shears and long-handled topiary shears. Apply antibacterial solution to all of the pruning shears to avoid introducing infection or disease to the topiary plant during grooming.

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Pruning shears are common gardening shears used to create the rough shape of the topiary plant. Alternate between pruning and long-handled shears to smooth out the form of the topiary plant. Long-handled shears are especially useful for the cutting the initial rough outline of the plant, as they are slightly angled, which allows them to be used in either direction.

Long-handled shears are also larger than the pruning shears, which makes them better able to remove large portions of the topiary plant relatively quickly. Once the rough shape of the plant has been established, use the smaller topiary shears to work the plant into its final form.

Make use of materials like galvanized wire or ribbon to help guide the grooming of topiary plants. For example, form the wire into a circle and use the circle as a template when pruning the plant. Ribbon can be used in the same way to make a spiral topiary plant. Tie the ribbon to the top and wrap it down and around the plant. Only cut the foliage directly beneath the ribbon to form the spiral.

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