What Are Some Tips for Glass Door Installation?


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If installing a sliding glass door, apply the adhesive, place the door and shims, secure the door, cut the shims and then install the hardware to complete the installation. Have a screw gun available as well as a razor blade, wood screws, shims and the glass door before beginning.

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Before installing the glass door, apply a bead of silicone adhesive along the door jamb in generous amounts. The door jamb is usually made of pressure-treated lumber. Lift the door, and put it into place on top of the door jamb; ask someone else for help, as the door might be heavy. With the door in place, ensure that the frame is even, and use shims to ensure it is level until the installation is complete.

Use several 2 1/2-inch wood screws to secure the door to the lumber, ensuring that the door is plumb before using the screws. It is best to have a helper hold the door in place as the screws begin securing the door. When the door is fully secure, take a razor blade, and begin cutting away the shims that are sticking out of the door frame. The final step is to install the hardware, which often includes the handle.

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