What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Termites?

What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Termites?

To get rid of termites, remove any sources of food such as lumber, paper, debris or stumps. Place do-it-yourself non-chemical or chemical solutions around the building foundation to kill termites and prevent colonies from forming.

In addition to removing plant-based debris and lumber, pull out or grind down any stumps located around the home. Place screens on every outside vent to keep termites from building colonies within the foundation. Termites struggle to move through sandy soil; create a barrier by placing sandy soil against a waterproof membrane along the foundation. The strength of the barrier improves with the addition of steel mesh.

Purchase chemical solutions online, at a local hardware store or through a professional pest exterminator. Set toxic bait around the termite colony to kill it off. Other popular chemical solutions are liquid pesticides that are applied to the soil, pesticide-infused building materials and wood treatments.

Determine if the plumbing of the home is performing properly. Water leaks may attract termites, who need to survive on both cellulose and water. The absence of water may discourage termite infestations. Remove mulch, which not only provides cellulose, but also retains water from rain and other outside elements.

Another natural solution is to purchase parasitic nematodes, which are worms that feed off termites, online or from a pest supply store.