What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Raccoons?


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The best way to get rid of raccoons is to build a solid fence around the area that they need to be kept out of. An electric fence is more effective than an ordinary fence.

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Getting rid of raccoons involves creating an environment that doesn't provide them with food or shelter. Because raccoons are nocturnal, homeowners may never see them in the garden or yard. Signs that they've paid a visit during the night include holes in mulch piles and lawn as well as damage to vegetables and fruits. Raccoons often eat half of a corn stalk, ruining the plant for human consumption. Pet food should never be left outdoors overnight, and trash should always be kept in a secure container. Raccoons are dexterous creatures and can use their claws to open things very much the same way that humans use their fingers, so homeowners may want to consider securing their trash can lids with bungee cords. Keeping a large dog in the yard overnight may help keep raccoons away.

Installing a locking chimney cap and making certain it's secure keeps a mother raccoon from denning in the chimney. People can keep raccoons out by making certain that all possible entry points into the house and outbuildings are sealed tightly. Raccoons are the ultimate opportunists, and they'll move on quickly if a property doesn't provide them with easy sources of food, water and shelter.

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