What Are Some Tips for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a multiple-step process, and some useful tips to complete the eradication include preparing thoroughly, super-heating or freezing affected items, applying pesticides and repeating treatments. Prevention is the key to ensuring a bed bug infestation does not return.

Before starting any eradication steps, prepare the area by inspecting every piece of furniture thoroughly. Clean each affected room, wash clothes and linens at a high temperature, and get rid of clutter, throwing away anything that cannot be cleaned. Bag small items, and heat them in a drier or a closed vehicle in the sun. Freeze the smallest items at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for four days.

There are several pesticides suitable for spraying and dusting mattresses and furniture, including liquid concentrates, aerosol sprays and desiccants. Remove all linens from mattresses, open cabinet drawers and clear shelves before applying pesticides, but only spray areas that product labels list. After treatment, inspect the affected area every few days, and reapply pesticides if necessary.

Prevent future infestations with special products, such as treated mattress covers and furniture leg interceptors. Apply caulking to cracks and crevices in each room, as well as spaces on the exterior of the building. Use extra vigilance when traveling and wash clothing, bedding and furniture before bringing it into the building.