What Are Some Tips for Getting Moles and Gophers Out of Your Lawn?


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There are several ways to get rid of moles and gophers, including poisons, repellents, traps and predators. Poisons can be very effective against moles and gophers, but only when the user is following the manufacturer's instructions precisely. Users have to be careful when using poisons that contain anti-coagulants, as they are extremely dangerous to children and pets since they cause anyone who eats them to bleed internally.

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Homeowners have a choice of buying a repellent or making one themselves. An example of a home-made repellent is a mixture of castor oil and water. This mixture has to be sprayed in tunnels. Placing smokers or mulch in tunnels is another effective way to get rid of moles. When using smokers, home owners need to plug all ends of tunnels so that the smoke stays inside.

Traps are generally an effective way to get rid of moles and gophers, but scissor traps provide the best results. To install this trap, dig out a small hole in the middle of a tunnel, place a trap in it, and set it up according to the box instructions. Check the trap every day, and get rid of killed animals. Once all the moles are exterminated, press the soil down along the tunnel to destroy it. It is possible to use predators, such as owls, to get rid of moles. To attract owls, build a nest box in your yard and fill it with straw.

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