What Are Some Tips on How to Garden?


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To grow a garden successfully, determine which plants are going to be grown and how much space each plant requires. Staggering plantings makes it possible to have ample produce from spring to autumn, and using a sprinkler hose reduces the amount of time needed to water plants.

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Before planting, determine which types of vegetables, flowers and herbs to plant, and map out the garden beforehand. Some plants, such as lettuce, are cold-resistant and grow well in cooler weather, while others require hot days to thrive. Grow lettuce and other cold-weather plants early in the season, and replace them with heat-tolerant plants as the season progresses. Staggered planting can continue into autumn. For instance, cabbage can withstand even freezing temperatures, allowing it to be grown much later in the fall than some types of vegetables. Row covers and cloches can be used to protect sensitive plants from frosts. Row covers can also be used to deter pests from eating the garden.

Some plants, such as winter squash and pumpkins, are self-seeding. Allow the plants to seed along a fence, and they return year after year without the need to replant. Gardens need plenty of water to grow properly. A soaker or sprinkler hose reduces the amount of time needed to water a garden properly. A sprinkler hose can be made by using a hot needle to make holes in a regular garden hose. Seedlings should be watered by hand to prevent over-watering.

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