What Are Some Tips to Follow When Building a Log Cabin?


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When building a log cabin by hand, choose trees that are healthy and pest-free, and gather the necessary tools beforehand. To rip logs without a sawmill, cut a V-shape that is the diameter of the necessary log size in the end of two short logs. Place the third log with the ends between the two V-shapes. Use the V-shape as a guide, and cut along the length of the log with a chainsaw.

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Set each log into place, and mark the necessary cuts with a pen to avoid cutting mistakes. Use moss, cement, foam insulation or other locally available materials, such as clay, to fill the spaces between the logs.

To easily move the logs, purchase nylon strap material in bulk, and cut the material into 12- to 20-foot pieces. Sew the ends of each piece together to form a loop, and use the loop to drag the logs to the desired location.

Use whole logs to build the cabin. After the logs are in place, cut out openings for windows and doors. To ensure the logs are secure, drill 1 1/2-inch holes through at least three consecutive logs on each side of the opening. Install 1 1/2-inch dowel rods in the holes before cutting the opening for the window or doorway.

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