What Are Some Tips for Fixing a Nonoperational Forklift?


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To begin fixing the forklift, take it to a large, open area that allows you to move around the vehicle comfortably and service it as necessary. Most forklifts are considered damaged and in need of repair if they are missing nuts or bolts, do not start upon ignition, have broken welds, and have unresponsive gauges.

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Before you begin working, turn the forklift off entirely and ensure that the hydraulic pressure is not engaged. All of the moving parts of the lift should be lowered or secured carefully for proper ground contact. Block off the wheels, and ensure that the device's controls are not engaged. Disconnect the batteries before you continue in case a backup power supply starts the lift and causes damage to you or the machine.

Check the fuel quality and fuel filter in the engine system to make sure that they are not contaminated with dirt or grime, which cause the machine to respond sluggishly or not at all. Check the air filters as well to protect the sensitive machinery. Examine the body of the forklift to find any missing components, ensuring all parts are not loose or broken. Replace the tires if the rubber has decayed or started shredding.

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