What Are Some Tips for Fixing Garage Doors?


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Tips for fixing a garage door depends on what is wrong with the door; for instance, if the door is frozen shut and loses power, check the pressure adjustments. If the power is out and the door needs to open, pull the cord with the red handle that allows the door to open and close manually.

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Fix a garage door that will not lock by readjusting the horizontal bars that slide into the locking slots. Realign the bars by unscrewing the guide brackets on the door's edges and reposition them so the bars slide into the slots. By lubricating the lock mechanism, the locks will slide smoothly into the slots.

If the garage door does not roll up and down smoothly, try tightening the tension rods at the back of the door. The tension rods run diagonally from the top to the bottom corners and may be tightened at the turnbuckles. Tighten them a little at a time until the door smooths out. If the door does not have tension rods, purchase some at major home improvement stores.

Replacing a broken or damaged garage door panel is a little trickier. It requires turning off the power to the garage door, unlatching the tension springs and loosening the bolts on the brackets that hold the panel in place. By propping the door open with a two-by-four, making this kind of repair is usually straightforward and any do-it-yourself enthusiast can perform the repair in an afternoon.

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