What Are Some Tips for Fixing CDI Ignitions?


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To fix capacitor-discharge ignitions, or CDIs, set a gap between the flywheel projection and trigger module by removing the spark plug's lead and connecting it to the shroud to ground it. Align the flywheel projection and trigger module by turning the flywheel, and unfasten the trigger module adjustment screws. Put in a thickness gauge to fill the gap. Let the trigger module touch the gauge by adjusting it, fasten the trigger module adjustment screws, and change the spark plug lead.

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A thickness gauge that is 0.005- to 0.015-inch thick is ideal for filling the gap when repairing CDIs. Ensure the module and projection surfaces remain parallel when touching the trigger module with the gauge. Review your service manual to learn about particular steps to set the gap.

CDIs do not have breaker points, which means it's not necessary to time the ignition spark, unlike mechanical-breaker ignitions. The key factor to their proper functioning is having a particular gap between the flywheel projection and trigger module.

CDIs are responsible for storing and transmitting voltage to the coil through a capacitor, diodes and magnets. They consist of electronics instead of mechanical points, and the only moving components are the flywheel magnets. Repairing a small engine's ignition system depends on its component types. Other types of ignition controllers include nonbattery, battery, mechanical-breaker and transistor-controlled ignition systems.

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