What Are Some Tips for Fixing an Asphalt Driveway?

To repair an asphalt driveway, clean the surface, let it dry, dig out debris and then fill holes with an asphalt filler. Seal cracks and small holes with a patching product.

To repair cracks and holes in an asphalt driveway:

  1. Clean the driveway
  2. Wash away any oil stains with water and detergent. Clear plants and debris out of cracks in the asphalt. If necessary, spray weeds with a weed killing product. Let the driveway dry completely before working.

  3. Prepare the surface
  4. Choose a warm day to begin the patching job. Most patching products require temperatures of at least 60 F to be effective. Dig out any loose debris from the holes with a trowel. Vacuum loose debris from holes and cracks.

  5. Add the filler
  6. Scoop an asphalt filler into larger holes. Scoop the filler into the holes and compact it so that it fills the space tightly. For large potholes, cover the filler with a piece of plywood to help compact it.

  7. Fill cracks
  8. Fill in cracks and holes smaller than one inch with sand. Apply an asphalt patching product to the top of the cracks to fill them in. Product options include UGL Driveway Crack Filler and Dalton Pli-Stix.

  9. Add a sealer
  10. Brush a sealer onto repaired areas to seal the asphalt around the patches.