What Are Some Tips for Finishing Drywall Seams?


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Check for under driven screws and nails by sliding a 6-inch drywall knife across them. Any fastener left protruding will cause a telltale metallic click. Use a Phillips screwdriver to drive in any protruding screw. Create a pocket for the drywall compound by leaving a 1/8-inch gap along each flange. The pocket makes it easier to run the taping knife along the bead and helps to avoid hitting nail heads or scraping against the flanges.

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Use a single bead length on each corner to avoid a bump or crease where two pieces join. Make sure the drywall compound is smooth and creamy by stirring it using a taping knife before applying. Using the drywall compound directly from a 5-gallon pail is not recommendable because the compound easily becomes lumpy and stiff before use. If necessary, add water to thin the mixture so that it flows better off the taping knife.

Cover the joints by applying the first coat of mud and tape. Add two more coats to make the joints smooth. Use an all-purpose compound, preferably lightweight, because it shrinks less. When the drywall compound on troublesome butt joints, embed the tape in a thin first coat to about a 1/8-inches thick, then partially squish out the tape. Applying a second and third coat after the drywall compound is dry.

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