What Are Some Tips on Finishing Your Basement?


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Tips for finishing a basement include providing adequate moisture control, lighting and waterproof flooring. The finished basement can increase the living space in a home and provide a bonus room that increases its value.

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Many basements are damp areas and some have leaks that require repairs before finishing the area. Some homes require installing a sump pump to eliminate any leaks that occur. If there are no visible leaks, but the area is damp, a dehumidifier can help; however, overuse of dehumidifiers can draw more moisture into the space through the walls. Ensure the area is dry before investing in finishing it.

Basements tend to be darker than above ground space due to a lack of windows. Add enough artificial light to compensate for the darkness or use it to your advantage for installing a home theater. Break large rooms into smaller areas to increase lighting. Add a heating system that helps to maintain the area at a comfortable temperature.

Most basements have concrete floors. Because there is a potential for leaks, finishing the area calls for flooring that withstands some moisture. Ceramic tile, vinyl and laminate make good choices for installing over concrete. Carpets and solid wood flooring are often poor choices for subgrade installation.

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