What Are Some Tips for Finding Vintage Tractor Parts?


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Tractor manufacturers, auctions, estate sales and antique vehicle dealers are excellent potential sources for vintage tractor parts. Antique reproduction specialists are also helpful. Many list their inventories online and ship around the world.

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The search for vintage tractor parts is easiest when the original manufacturer is still in business. Many manufacturers stock replacement parts for their vintage models or maintain a list of reputable sources. Finding replacements is more difficult when the manufacturer no longer exists. Vintage tractor clubs are a valuable resource in these situations. Clubs dedicated to the specific tractor brand or model in question are particularly helpful.

Safety is an important issue for those who wish to restore and use vintage tractors. Genuine vintage components are often slightly damaged and cannot withstand the physical stress of heavy agricultural use. Vintage reproductions are a wise choice for this type of restoration, especially when the tractor is very old and needs considerable repair. These reproductions look and function like their vintage counterparts, but they are made with modern materials and techniques.

Genuine parts also influence the resale price of vintage tractors and farm equipment. Models that have a mixture of vintage parts and reproductions are generally sold at lower prices than identical models with all of the original parts.

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