What Are Some Tips for Finding Used Boxes?

Some tips for finding used boxes include checking bookstores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and liquor stores and looking on online classifieds. U-Haul also operates a box exchange program, states ApartmentTherapy.com.

There are several ways to get large boxes for moving or storage completely free of charge. Grocery stores are a good source, as the boxes used to transport produce, such as bananas and apples, are very sturdy. Pharmacies, hardware stores and fast food restaurants are also good sources, as they usually have merchandise shipped to them in durable cardboard boxes.

Liquor stores are smart resources for smaller boxes that have lids, notes Unpakt.com. These boxes can be handy for transporting books. Bookstores also have smaller boxes that are good for carrying books, DVDs, CDs and other small items.

Online classifieds are also excellent places to find free boxes. Craigslist.org has an entire section dedicated to free items on which users sometimes list used boxes; check the local Craigslist.org page to find them.

U-Haul's box exchange program runs on the message boards not the company's official website. It operates the program in an attempt to cut back waste. Users can sign up and either list or search for moving boxes and other moving supplies, according to the company's website.