What Are Some Tips for Finding Tandoor Ovens for Sale?


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To find a tandoor oven for sale, visit an online speciality store such as Tandoors.com, HomeTandoor.com or Homdoor.com that sells tandoors for home use as well as commercial use, and search for tandoor ovens by size and type. Alternatively, retailers such as TandoorMorni.com sell to commercial buyers such as restaurants and banquet halls. Decide whether you want to purchase an installed or portable tandoor for indoor or outdoor use and whether to heat it by charcoal, gas or electricity.

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HomeTandoor.com's smallest tandoor oven for home use is the round red-colored gas oven tandoor that sits on top of a gas stove and is suitable for indoor use for up to five people. The company also offers a choice of two square stainless steel table-top ovens for outdoor use only, suitable for cooking for up to 10 people, and a range of medium to large portable models that come with heavy-duty wheels for ease of transport and can feed social gatherings of up to 25 people. HomeTandoori.com offers a separate range of professional tandoors for restaurants. The Tandoor Advisor page on the web site offers advice on choosing and using a tandoor oven.

Tandoors.com offers two tandoors suitable for outdoor home use: the Junior Home Tandoor that is suitable for parties of up to six people and the Home Tandoor that can cater for a gathering of up to 40 people. Homdoor.com offers several indoor and outdoor tandoors for home use, including a range of customized charcoal tandoors for permanent installation.

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