What Are Some Tips for Finding Secondhand CNC Machines?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Secondhand CNC Machines?

Tips for finding secondhand computer numerical control, or CNC, machines include searching on specialty CNC resale websites, general used machinery sales sites and general auction sites with machinery sections, as of 2015. Buyers may also check local print and online classifieds ads as well as speaking with nearby machine repair shops to connect with owners interested in selling.

Sites such as UsedCNC.com specialize in connecting buyers with a broad inventory of used CNC machines, typically offering tools to filter listing according to machine type, such as combination lathes or horizontal boring machines. Other general used machinery sites may also offer similar search filtering criteria in addition to options for finding machines from specific manufacturers and within specific locations.

General auction sites often feature less specific search options, but do offer keyword searches that allow buyers to locate listings for CNC machines according to post title and body. Some auctions sites also support direct sales or bartering on items, which adds to the flexibility of purchasing options.

Classifieds sites do not typically offer sections for specific machine types or even a machinery category, meaning buyers must rely on keyword searches to locate used CNC machines. Buyers may also wish to focus on cities with more industrial work during the search, as these are more likely to carry the machines.

Contacting a local machine repair shop may also help buyers learn about companies with excess CNC machine inventory. The shops may also have broken machines for sale as well.