What Are Some Tips for Finding Replacement Barbecue Parts?


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To find replacement parts for a barbecue, first check the owner's manual. It usually has pictures of all the parts, their names and locations in the barbecue. If you don't have the manual, try looking for it on the manufacturer's website. Scrutinize the broken part for any special marks that identify the detail. To find the needed replacement parts, visit home improvement stores, online stores, such as eBay, or contact the manufacturer.

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Before buying replacement parts, refer to the product's warranty. The warranty may still be in effect and may cover the product's repair cost or the cost of replacement parts. However, the manufacturer may void the warranty if the owner tried to repair the barbecue himself or installed parts that weren't purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Barbecue parts that fail most often include heat plates, cooking grates, warming racks and gas burners. If a barbecue stops working, these parts should be the first ones to check. Heat plates protect the burner from liquids that may drip on it, and they may stop working because of corrosion. Cooking grates and warming racks don't influence the performance of the barbecue, however, they should be replaced if rust starts to appear on the surface.

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