What Are Some Tips for Finding Places to Dump Dirt for Free?


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Dumping excess fill dirt for free requires finding an interested party looking to take in the material. Websites such as Dirtfill.com, Freedirt.com and Clean-Fill-Wanted.com act as exchanges linking dirt providers with those looking for such fill. Depending on the arrangement reached, either the dirt provider or receiver transports the fill.

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As of 2015, Dirtfill.com offers free registration for fill dirt providers and solicitors, except for three metro areas in the United States: Minneapolis and St. Paul, Dallas and Fort Worth, and Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham. The site also provides suggested procedures and a frequently asked question page.

Fill dirt providers are required to pay to use Freedirt.com. The site's subscription fee ranges from $12.99 to $69.99 for monthly to yearly membership. Visitors who need fill register with the site for free. Similarly, Clean-Fill-Wanted.com assesses a flat fee to provide advertisements for provided fill dirt but only charges the fee if the dirt is taken at the end of a 12-week period.

Excess dirt is typically generated from forms of excavation in construction sites -- either residential, commercial or industrial. Most construction companies arrange in advance for the disposition of excess fill dirt, typically with a company that specializes in providing fill for other projects. New road construction, for example, often uses fill dirt as a base layer prior to laying down pavement.

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