What Are Some Tips for Finding Older Fenton Art Glass?

The easiest tip for finding older Fenton art glass is to become familiar with the Fenton style and logo, which says "Fenton Art Glass" from the early to mid-1930s and refers to "Handmade Fenton Glass" in a variety of logos from that period all the way into the 1980s. Many collectors are interested in either carnival glass, milk glass or both, and these each have distinctive colorations that are easy to recognize.

A simple way to find vintage Fenton art glass is by buying from a reputable dealer, but bargains can be found by searching estate sales and second-hand shops for glassware that shows the Fenton logo. Referring to the variety of source books that have been published makes it possible to recognize the most distinctive styles of Fenton glassware, including its popular glass slipper. When looking at glass vases, the "hobnail" style is very common on Fenton pieces. This is a style on which small decorative nubs of glass are attached to the outside of a vase to give it texture and visual appeal.

Fenton carnival glass may be the most recognized type of Fenton art glass. It comes in various colors, most popularly purple and orange, all with an iridescent sheen that was originally developed in imitation of the Tiffany style of glass. The iridized glass is both distinctive and widespread because it was so inexpensive that it was originally given away as carnival prizes.