What Are Some Tips for Finding Local Electrical Contractors?

tips-finding-local-electrical-contractors Credit: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

Tips for finding local electrical contractors include asking for recommendations from friends and family members, asking other local building contractors, and seeking recommendations from electrical supplies stores and the local home builders' associations. Homeowners may also search for local electrical contractors on reputable online business directories.

Homeowners can ask a friend or family member who has worked with an electrician recently to recommend a good electrical contractor. Homeowners who already have a trusted general contractor or who work with other contractors can ask these professionals to recommend a reliable electrical contractor with whom they work regularly on certain projects.

Homeowners can also visit their local electrical supplies store to ask for recommendations. The local home builders' association may also have a list of trustworthy local electrical contractors that the homeowner can hire.

Online business listings such as AngiesList.com have reviews of local electrical contractors in various cities and states. Homeowners can browse through these listings and read reviews before choosing a local contractor to work with. They should also visit their local Better Business Bureau Web page to read reviews, check ratings and research on complaints against local electrical contractors.

Before choosing a local electrical contractor, the homeowner should insist on seeing his local license and proof of insurance. He should also ask the electrical contractor for references and ensure he has the right permits, education and specialization.