What Are Some Tips for Finding Hoosier Antique Furniture?


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Search for Hoosier cabinets in antique stores, flea markets, estate sales or online auction houses such as eBay. While there are several models of Hoosiers, look for distinctive features such as door racks and interior cabinet shelves, a pullout porcelain worktop, a metal-lined breadbox contained within a bottom drawer, and pot racks and storage bins for many baking supplies.

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Hoosier cabinets were called the woman's workbench because they included almost any utility that a cook may need, including built-in flour sifters and rotating spice carousels. These cabinets are made primarily made of oak wood, but later designs may be painted to hide the mixture of wood types.

Authentic Hoosier cabinets in good condition can sell for around $2,000, while cabinets that need substantial work may sell for as little as $200. Buyers should take caution that the cabinet is an original because many Hoosier-style cabinets exist from brands such as Sellers, McDougall and Napanee.

The Hoosier Cabinet Co. produced these free-standing Swiss army knives during the first half of the 20th century from the Hoosier factory in Indiana, and during its period of peak production, the Hoosier factory churned out between 600 and 700 models per day. Hoosier cabinets gradually went out of fashion in the later part of the 1900s to make way for built-in cabinetry and organization systems.

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