What Are Some Tips for Finding Free Furniture?


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Tips for finding free furniture include watching for discarded furniture and participating in local freecycle events. Another tip for finding free furniture is to search the free section of Craigslist.com for your area.

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To find free furniture, check the curbsides of residential areas right before a large garbage pickup day. Used furniture is set out on the side of the road for disposal. Check dumpsters and garbage disposal areas near businesses. Companies tend to throw out furniture when it is only slightly worn.

Freecycle.com is an online forum in which people offer their used items to others instead of throwing them away. Check the group for your city to find free furniture and participate in local freecycle events as well.

Visit college campuses on move-out day. College students often struggle to transport their belongings home after the year ends, so larger items such as furniture get discarded. Also, watch for people moving out of your area; when people move, they leave unwanted items on the curb for the taking.

Visit Craigslist.com and find the page for your city. Select the Free section under the For Sale heading to find free furniture. Keep an eye on the free sections of other sites as well including Facebook.com and Kijiji.com.

Another tip for finding free furniture is to ask around. Ask friends and family if they know anyone who has furniture they no longer need or want to get rid of.

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